It is freezing out. I am doing anything I can to stay inside. I live in Pittsburgh, land of ice and poor sidewalk maintenence, so I am glad for the instincts I got from my survivalist father that keep my pantry full. Superbowl is this weekend, and the Steeler fever is insane, so I will be avoiding the grocery store even if the sun comes out and little baby angels offer to fly me there. Well…I would like to fly…and see those babies carry my weight. Anyway. This whole month has been eat out of the pantry and knit hardcore; leaving me to find new ways to rock chicken stock, beans, and flour (plus the 800 other things I always have in the house, I am ALWAYS prepared) and new ways to use yarn that I didn’t buy for any reason.

I’m too new of a knitter to be comfortable with insane substitutions or changing gauge too much, so I have many skeins of yarn that I have no idea what to do with, then I have yarns I got simply because I liked (I love Bertnat satin, why did I only get ONE skein of red??? What can I do with 164 yds???) either the color or the feel, but didn’t want to spend too much so I only got one. Of every color I liked. wtf. So, I need to keep track of how much yarn I will need in order to actually make the pieces I like. Then get that.

I limit myself to cascade 220 and Caron Simply Soft unless there is some specific piece I will make with it. Jeez!