I have a crush on every yarn Berrocco produces. I intend to buy the company. Bwahahaha.

It’s getting warmer, just as I am getting proficient at knitting. Well, there will definitely be more cold before winter is over, these 60 degree days are flukes, but I still think I am going to skip over the concept of  “summer knitting” altogether and just get started on my Christmas knitting.

It’s interesting trying to judge why I enjoy knitting. I’m very impatient and want the product to be over already, yet I don’t always want the finished product. I try to convince myself it’s economical to make things myself, but spending $30 on yarn for a vest that I wouldn’t pay $40 at Urban for isn’t worth it… I do definitely enjoy the bragging rights that comes from “Oh this? I just finished it last night! Thank  you” etc. And I like being busy, having a project I am doing.

I guess I liken it to when I am reading. Sometimes, I want to just be finished a book already, because I want to know the whole story, I want it to be in my head, I can’t sit and enjoy in meanderingly. But afterwards, I am sad to see it go, I feel lost and dejected when I am between books. I’m an odd combo of process knitter and finished product knitter, where I want both. Or neither. With books, it’s easy to solve, I’m a re-reader and love to go back to my favorites. I guess the knitting equivalent is to do the pattern again, changing the parts I didn’t like, savoring the parts I did, content in the knowledge that I have done it before and know the full picture.