Am I allowed to say I have skills now? I made the Felicity hat on Ravelry this weekend. Friday after work I went “I need a hat” and cast on, by Sunday at 3:30 pm I had a hat. On Friday Dr. Boyfriend and I went out to dinner (delayed valentine’s treat) and Saturday was grocery shopping morning, then in the evening Doctor Prom (the medical school Formal), so it’s not as if I spent the whole weekend sequestered in the apartment knitting. I also made a vat of chili.

So anyway, my first time with make 1 increases, my first time with DPNs. You have no idea the rush of self esteem I got from seeing a hat emerge out of my knitting. It’s like how Nikol Lohr describes knitting socks “OMG it’s a sock, look you guys! A SOCK WTF”…you’re just amazed and pretty much have no idea how it happened. I made sure that there were no flaws, unknitting two  rounds once when the splitty acrylic yarn decided to fray. Of course, after I did all the finishing, I discovered that I dropped a stitch when I was knit2together every stitch (the stitches were super bulky and hard to work with at that point) but I pulled it through to the inside and secured it with some waste yarn so it isn’t a big deal. I’m really super proud of myself.

I have been shy of patterns where there is anything I can’t do yet, like picking up stitches. I imagine it is simple, and I could do it, but I haven’t yet. That’s so silly…I just need to build up my repetoire of skills slowly I guess so I don’t freak out. My parents (barring extreme weather) will be visiting next weekend, and I plan to take my mom to my LYS. I need DPNs in some regular sizes and I want some wool in my all-acrylic-and-a-little-cotton-for-summer stash. Slouchy Copy-Cat hat is next, so I want some gorgeous Cascade 220.