Long story short for the teal deers out there: The 71C and the 71D go very different places; the 71D doesn’t go anywhere I wanna go.

Pittsburgh is so different from Philadelphia (excepting the neighborhood I grew up in) and I wouldn’t even know how to explain it. There’s nothing difinitively different, nothing that I could state as a cut and dry reason I feel so fish out of water here.  But it is different. It is all  so different. And I clearly only know a very tiny section of it whatsoever.

They say that the best way to get to know a city is to get lost in it. I actually love a meandering adventure, figuring out where I am as I go along. But not at 5 pm when I am sick and decide I can handle quickly running an errand for my mother. When she visited last weekend, she graciously agreed to crochet me a hat that I wanted, it’s an adorable puff stitch with a bow and I cannot yet crochet. However, my otherwise intelligent mother only bought one skein and not the two required of the yarn she chose. So I will be trotting back to the yarn  store to buy another of the same dyelot (and peemptively spend all of my March paycheck). I am exhausted from head and chest congestion, so I decide to take the 71D to the shopping complex rather than walk to my apartment and catch my usual bus, I have the bus schedule and the map looks right, the bus is due to come right after work, and I remember that before  when I was waiting for my usual bus outside the yarn store that the 71D came right there.

Ok, it doesn’t. That’s the 71C. Fine, I catch on relatively quickly that I have left anywhere I recognize and am lost. No big deal, I will just keep riding the bus and get off where I recognize something, or worst comes to worst,  get off back at work where I started. Except Pittsburgh has lots of odd one way streets (Pittsburgh truely is a whole town of my neighborhood where I grew up, all crazy hills and one way streets and streets that should be one way due to narrowness but aren’t) so the bus doesn’t return the way it comes. The bus turned onto a busway, which is basically a highway for buses, and the driver announces last stop, and I have to get off the bus somewhere I have no idea where I am. I frantically call my friends/scour the skyline for landmarks/ try to figure if I can walk to the yarn store still all while trying to look like I know what I’m doing so I don’t look like an out of place lost scared little white girl who deserves to get mugged. Finally, I wait for and get on another bus  that I have never taken before except I know it goes near my house. I get near home, say “fuck it, I’m tired”, buy Chinese food, and go home. Check the clock, IT IS 6:15. All of this craziness took about an hour! How do I do this? Not only fuck up, but fuck up efficiently.

Today I got out of work at 3:30 as a celebration of our day off tomorrow for “Great Americans Day” (another reason to  enjoy  having sold out to work  for the man), jumped on a 71C, was at the yarn store in minutes, bought yarn, got on a bus, went to Whole Foods and bought cheese, got on a bus, got home and now I enjoy an evening to myself, watching bariatric surgeries on TLC and knitting my CopyCat Yellow Hat. Delightful. Oh, I also am shooting some amazing yarn porn. I am disappointed with my camera, maybe someday I  will spring for a fancy nancy camera like my brother has, only he can justify the cost because he makes money on the side with photography. I am just a geek who wants to take pictures of leaves and yarn  and shit.