I’m totally over wedding planning. It’s stressful and money costing and I’m just not excited any more. That means a mandated week off from wedding planning.

I’ve been baby-obsessed lately, I really really want one. Well, yeah, is till get freaked out that you kind of lose your freedom when you have a kid, and for eighteen years you have no time and have to put yourself and your wishes last. Ok, that part sucks. But they’re so cute! Dr. Boyfriend hates that I am going to start doing this, but I’m going to use one of our flat under-the-bed-Tupperwares and start just buying pregnancy and baby clothes when I see them/like them/on clearance them… I also think I may begin knitting for a baby. Well, I’m sure when my age group begins to have kids (aside from all my grade school classmates that already have them) there will be a bunch in a row and I will like that I have pre-made stuff. And anyway I want to knit for a baby NOW.

I don’t think I’m creepy or odd at all!