I have been knitting for over one year now!

Last September-October, I decided to challenge myself. I always thought of knitting with a bit of a wistful “I wish I could do that” knowledge that I COULDN’T do that. And that is just silly, so I decided I would just learn.

Similar to when I stopped biting my nails, I don’t know any turning point or even how I did it. But it got done. My aunt showed me how to cast on (a knit on cast on) and how to do a knit stitch. I wrestled with that on my dollar store yarn for a while before I taught myself everything else with the internet and library books. I’m really really proud of myself. It’s a big accomplishment. I hope, when I move, to get more knitting friends, like a usual gang at a yarn store, as it is, I have a hard time finding anyone who appreciates that what I am doing is difficult and awesome.  Dr. Boyfriend doesn’t get it 😉

My 2010 knitting goals are to learn some form of color work, I think it is high time I gave intarsia or fair isle knitting a go, and to do my first socks. I think I am ready!


For my first Knit-aversary, my rpesent to myself was some Mirasol Miski: http://www.paradisefibers.net/Mirasol-Miski-Yarn-p/470837.htm

3 skeins in Jade, 1 in Bluebell. It is baby llama yarn, and so soft, so I want to use it on things that will be next to my skin. Probably a pair of peekaboo mittens for myself and another cowl so it will be on my hands and I can rub my face in it.