OMG You Guys Monday, Mar 2 2009 

Am I allowed to say I have skills now? I made the Felicity hat on Ravelry this weekend. Friday after work I went “I need a hat” and cast on, by Sunday at 3:30 pm I had a hat. On Friday Dr. Boyfriend and I went out to dinner (delayed valentine’s treat) and Saturday was grocery shopping morning, then in the evening Doctor Prom (the medical school Formal), so it’s not as if I spent the whole weekend sequestered in the apartment knitting. I also made a vat of chili.

So anyway, my first time with make 1 increases, my first time with DPNs. You have no idea the rush of self esteem I got from seeing a hat emerge out of my knitting. It’s like how Nikol Lohr describes knitting socks “OMG it’s a sock, look you guys! A SOCK WTF”…you’re just amazed and pretty much have no idea how it happened. I made sure that there were no flaws, unknitting two  rounds once when the splitty acrylic yarn decided to fray. Of course, after I did all the finishing, I discovered that I dropped a stitch when I was knit2together every stitch (the stitches were super bulky and hard to work with at that point) but I pulled it through to the inside and secured it with some waste yarn so it isn’t a big deal. I’m really super proud of myself.

I have been shy of patterns where there is anything I can’t do yet, like picking up stitches. I imagine it is simple, and I could do it, but I haven’t yet. That’s so silly…I just need to build up my repetoire of skills slowly I guess so I don’t freak out. My parents (barring extreme weather) will be visiting next weekend, and I plan to take my mom to my LYS. I need DPNs in some regular sizes and I want some wool in my all-acrylic-and-a-little-cotton-for-summer stash. Slouchy Copy-Cat hat is next, so I want some gorgeous Cascade 220.


You May Be Right. Monday, Feb 23 2009 

I may be crazy.

I have made what may be a very bad decision, and have purchased some crochet thread so that I can hand knit bookmarks as wedding favors. That means 130 or so bookmarks in 153 days.  Now, hear me out. Doing the math, the price of crochet thread with shipping evens out to 11 cents per person, much better than any other wedding favor we could get. What we already have for favors doesn’t look all that impressive (even though it is AWESOME) so I really felt the need to have something else with it. And of course, I think everyone getting something handknit from the bride is awesome.

So….if I majorly eff up and can’t do it, we still have our backup favors. But I plan on doing several  different patterns, basically learning and practicing a bunch of lace patterns (something I want to be better at anyway) so that I don’t go mind-numb from the boredom. And if I am running out of time and begin freaking, the fact that they all already will be different will make it easy for a bunch of quick garter stitch ones to blend in.

In other wedding news, package tracking tells me that my dress is currently in California, desperately trying to come home to me. Yay! Now I must actually pay attention to my insane weight gain.

And starting next week, Dr. Boyfriend has really complicated rotations, and I WON’T SEE HIM AT ALL AND WILL BE VERY SAD WAHHHHH. If DB and I don’t spend at least five hours a day together, we get sad and whine.

Can it be Summer Now? Friday, Jan 30 2009 

It is freezing out. I am doing anything I can to stay inside. I live in Pittsburgh, land of ice and poor sidewalk maintenence, so I am glad for the instincts I got from my survivalist father that keep my pantry full. Superbowl is this weekend, and the Steeler fever is insane, so I will be avoiding the grocery store even if the sun comes out and little baby angels offer to fly me there. Well…I would like to fly…and see those babies carry my weight. Anyway. This whole month has been eat out of the pantry and knit hardcore; leaving me to find new ways to rock chicken stock, beans, and flour (plus the 800 other things I always have in the house, I am ALWAYS prepared) and new ways to use yarn that I didn’t buy for any reason.

I’m too new of a knitter to be comfortable with insane substitutions or changing gauge too much, so I have many skeins of yarn that I have no idea what to do with, then I have yarns I got simply because I liked (I love Bertnat satin, why did I only get ONE skein of red??? What can I do with 164 yds???) either the color or the feel, but didn’t want to spend too much so I only got one. Of every color I liked. wtf. So, I need to keep track of how much yarn I will need in order to actually make the pieces I like. Then get that.

I limit myself to cascade 220 and Caron Simply Soft unless there is some specific piece I will make with it. Jeez!

W00T!!! Monday, Jan 26 2009 

Finished my first knitted-in-the-round project! It was Lion Brand’s Luxury Cowl/Hood and I did it in Cascade 220 Wisteria (out of my LYS orphaned bin). It is a gift for my brother’s girlfriend, and I plan on making it again, at least for me in some super soft red. I plan on casting on fewer stitches, I liked the way the original pattern draped as a hood, but it was a bit droopy as a cowl. Also, I used up all 220 yards and would have liked it longer, but not enough to break open another skein. So I think little tighter circle, little longer. I made a few obvious flaws, but no horrible ones. I think knitting in the round makes me more susceptible to yarn overs. It’s harder to see where exactly in the loop the needle goes.

Next up, double sided hummingbird scarf for my mother’s birthday, Dr. Who themed illusion scarf for R, scarf for M (best friend and maid of honor extraordinaire), maybe a first foray into the world of hats, legwarmers for EE. Basically, if you are a friend from library school, I will knit for you. Librarians appreciate handknitted things.