Will I Actually Be Able to do That Someday??? Monday, Feb 9 2009 

I look at people’s knitting blogs and finished objects etc and I am so often completely overwhelmed. Will I actually be able to  do that someday? Or is it possible that there is a ceiling that I will eventually someday hit and never be able to get better than? I am still in the stage where I am taking baby steps towards simple shaping, so reading and viewing pictures of someone making complicated sweaters from their own designs is mindboggling. I’m not even good enough yet to make anything with  sizing! Or good enought to change a pattern because I like the idea of one neckline better than another.

I had a break from work this past week. My Grandmother died, and thanks to the fact that I sold out to work for “the man” I had the luxury of a five day bereavement leave so that I could drop work like a hot potato and fly out the night to be with my parents. Sometimes selling out is a really good idea. Dr. Boyfriend was able to petition to take his Friday test early and was able to  make it down for the funeral. All things considered, it was a relatively nice trip. Tragedy aside, somewhere in the hours of visiting with my other Grandmother and watching DVDs of Primeval with my Dad, I finished the back of my circular shrug and was able to make the super sloppy increases back into the ribbing. Somewhere in the mess of travel my ribbing did mess up, but it’s enough at the increase that it is not very noticeable and I left it alone. Then the increases were ugly and may be wrong. I’m not sure. I will care a lot more on my next one, when I make it in a color I’m more likely to wear. Emerald green, perhaps?

i really hope that  if I am patient and take baby steps, I will keep gaining the skills and won’t hit any walls. I should be happy that I’ve only been knitting for 3-4 months and am this far, I just need to be patient and when I have been knitting for 3-4 years I will be making sweaters and knitting organically.


W00T!!! Monday, Jan 26 2009 

Finished my first knitted-in-the-round project! It was Lion Brand’s Luxury Cowl/Hood and I did it in Cascade 220 Wisteria (out of my LYS orphaned bin). It is a gift for my brother’s girlfriend, and I plan on making it again, at least for me in some super soft red. I plan on casting on fewer stitches, I liked the way the original pattern draped as a hood, but it was a bit droopy as a cowl. Also, I used up all 220 yards and would have liked it longer, but not enough to break open another skein. So I think little tighter circle, little longer. I made a few obvious flaws, but no horrible ones. I think knitting in the round makes me more susceptible to yarn overs. It’s harder to see where exactly in the loop the needle goes.

Next up, double sided hummingbird scarf for my mother’s birthday, Dr. Who themed illusion scarf for R, scarf for M (best friend and maid of honor extraordinaire), maybe a first foray into the world of hats, legwarmers for EE. Basically, if you are a friend from library school, I will knit for you. Librarians appreciate handknitted things.

Project Wishlist/Goals Friday, Jan 16 2009 

Before now, as I stroll Craftster and other sites, I have been emailing myself links to patterns or skills I want to learn. It is getting messy. So, for posterity, here is a link list so that I can get to it easily.

Skills to learn in general:

  • knitting continental  style
  • knitting in the round
  • hats
  • socks
  • sweaters/piecing things together
  • vests
  • cables
  • lace
  • intarsia
  • fair isle

Specific Patterns to do when I get time/the ability to do them:

Isn’t it funny that as a supreme beginner knitter, I already have all these lofty ambitions? I have to be careful to monitor my ambition along with my ability so that I don’t just get fed up and frustrated and throw the whole concept of knitting away.

Everything about knitting seemed so complicated at first, but then I grew to trust the pattern for a little bit, until my brain and fingers could figure it out and I learned the theory and then can mess with it. When I first figured out that you keep your work towards the right, and whatever you knit right now actually appears on the opposite side of the work, it blew my mind.

I do my best knitting theory thinking at night, when i should be sleeping. I lay there and all of a sudden it hits me, and I’ve figured out how illusion knitting works enough that I can create my own pattern. (hint: it takes four rows of knitting to create one row of the illusion). I  will nudge Dr. Boyfriend awake simply to tell him “stockinette stitch curls because knits are wider than they are tall and purls are more square, maybe even a little taller than they are wide, so the knit side of the same amount of stitches takes up more space than the purl side!” He does not care, but he also does not remember this in the morning.

The most complicated things because easy when I sit and do them for a little bit, and figure it out at night. That’s how I  was able to sit down last night and figure out double sided knitting. Now, I will be able to design and create the double knitted hummingbird scarf I am making my mother for her birthday (Feb 14th). Ta DA!